vysk branding

Building and refining the corporate brand for Vysk Communications.
vysk packaging

Designing branded packaging for the Vysk QS1 hardware produced by Vysk.
vysk collateral

Building a comprehensive set of branded materials for marketing Vysk products.
oakland review journal

Leading branding, layout, production and editorial efforts for Carnegie Mellon's student/alumni literary journal, The Oakland Review.
pittsburgh constellation

Building, branding, and refining an online astronomy-outreach website for the Pittsburgh community.
the cyrus of waco

Writing, designing, and illustrating an award-winning concrete poetry collection as a thesis project at Carnegie Mellon.
carnegie mellon press

Laying out poetry collections to be produced by the Carnegie Mellon University Press.
toolbox studios

Collaborating with design and sales teams on clients' web and print projects as an intern at a content marketing firm.
astronomy club

Rebranding and presiding over the CMU Astronomy Club.
misc. photography

Various misc. photography work
publishing in the info age

Leading InDesign classes & producing a physical textbook combining students' final papers.
contour portraits

Creating facial 3/4-view portraits in a characteristic contour style & screen printing the resulting design.
throat-singing booklet

Writing, designing, and Illustrating a short book on the subject of Tuvan Throat-Singing
misc. design

Various misc. design-related work
misc. art

Various misc. artwork

Creating a thematic vintage-style newspaper for an art exhibit on the subject of LGBT history in Pittsburgh.
motion graphics

Using After Effects to produce complex animations, illustrate data, and more.
emerging leaders council

Creating a speculative branding package for the charitable organization Emerging Leaders Council.

Matt Finlay is a writer, designer, and artist based in San Antonio, TX. He builds literary and visual narratives for brands, ideas, initiatives & individuals.